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How Do I Create A Survey From A CSV Upload?

Surveys can be easily created by uploading a CSV file that contains the information for a list of questions.

To create a survey from a CSV, click on the "+ New Survey" tile on your Survey homepage. Select "Upload CSV."

Follow the guidelines below to ensure that the CSV creates your survey as intended.

What Information Can I Include In My CSV?

Information about the question type, text, and subtext can be added for all question types. Options can be specified for Selection, Dropdown, Ranking, and Likert questions, while custom scale labels can be specified for Likert and Slider questions.

How Do I Format My CSV?

CSV files must follow a specific formatting in order to accurately create a survey. Each column of your CSV must be labelled with an attribute label, while each row will contain the information for a specific question, for each of the column attributes. Information within each row must also follow a specific formatting.

All formatting is case sensitive. When referencing column attributes and question types, the first letter of each word must be capitalized.

Column Formatting

Column Attributes: All Question Types

Type - Specifies the question type.

Text - Specifies the question text.

Subtext - Specifies the question subtext.

Column Attributes: Selection

Options - Specifies the selection options.

Allow Multiple Selections - When set to "TRUE" will allow multiple selections (i.e., checkbox question type); if set to "FALSE" will allow for single selection.

Column Attributes: Dropdown, Ranking

Options - Specifies the dropdown or ranking options.

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 1.46.09 PM

Column Attributes: Likert

Options - Specifies Likert options (left of Likert chart).

Enable Custom Likert Options - When set to "TRUE" will allow for a custom Likert scale; if set to "FALSE" Likert scale will be set to default (1-5).

Custom Likert Options - Specifies labels for the custom Likert scale (top of Likert chart); labels must be written in the order you would like them to appear (i.e., left to right).

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 1.50.29 PM

Column Attributes: Slider

Bound Labels - Specifies the lower and upper bound labels for sliders. Labels must be written in the order you would like them to appear (i.e., left to right).

Row Formatting

Referencing Question Types

Question types are referenced under the column attribute "Type" in the CSV. This should be the first column in your CSV.

Question Type Type (CSV Value)
Welcome screen Welcome
Text box Text
Number Number
Date Date
Slider Slider
File Upload File
Selection Selection
Dropdown Dropdown
Likert Likert
Rank Ranking
Display Display
Audio Audio
Audio + Text Audio Text
Audio + Rank Audio Ranking
Audio + Selection Audio Selection
Audio + Slider Audio Slider
Video Video
Screen Recording Screen

Referencing Options and Custom Labels

Options and custom labels must be referenced in a list format. Lists are contained within square brackets [ ] and each option must be separated by a comma. The examples below are acceptable lists.

  1. [Option 1, Option 2, Option 3]
  2. [Very Likely, Likely, Somewhat Likely, Not Likely]
  3. [Chocolate, Candy, Popcorn, Chips]
  4. [Sedan, SUV, Mini-van, Truck, Sports Car]

List #4 in a Selection question type will appear as below.

Example: Build A Customer Feedback Survey

Try the feature out yourself! You can download the spreadsheet below and upload it to Phonic. Add different question types or change any of the details in the CSV to see the resulting survey.