What is Phonic?

Phonic is a research platform designed around voice and video. We make it easy for researchers, marketers, students, and everyone in-between to collect, store and analyze high quality audio and video feedback.

Survey Platform

The standalone survey platform is the easiest way to get started. Our survey platform offers everything else you would expect from a survey platform (multiple question types, logic, customization) plus features designed specifically around audio and video.

Embedded Widget & Integrations

The Phonic embedded widget lets you collect audio from anywhere with just a few lines of code.



This widget integrates with any website as well as a number of other platforms including FocusVision Decipher, Qualtrics, Confirmit, SPSS and more.


The Phonic API lets teams leverage Phonic and the data they collect in powerful new ways or directly build Phonic platform into their own platforms and workflows. The Phonic API will be launched publicly soon!