Question Types

Phonic offers a variety of question types that can be accessed using the question drop down menu. For a greater variety of question types, we recommend using one of our integrations with other survey platforms.


This component allows users to select between pre-defined options. If 'allow multiple selections' is specified, the user may select all options which apply. Otherwise, only a single selection may be made.


Open Text

In a text response, respondents are provided an open text box to type their response.



Respondents are provided a set of options in a dropdown. A single selection is submitted from within this set of options.



A number input which is represented with a slidable bar. Configure the maximum and minimum values, labels, and slider granularity to your liking.



This component allows users to rank pre-defined options. Users may either drag and drop options into the rank they choose by using the dots on the right, or they can use the dropdown menu on the left to select the desired rank.


The audio survey component allows respondents to respond using only their voice. A full transcription can be generated from this response in addition to other voice analytics.

  • Optional backup text
  • Optional audio playback
  • Optional auto-recording (think-aloud)


Audio + Selection

Selection + Audio presents a selection type with a microphone. respondents are prompted to make a selection and provide an audio explanation of their choice with voice.


Audio + Ranking

Audio + Ranking presents a ranking type with a microphone. Respondents are prompted to make rank the options and provide an audio explanation of their decision with voice.

Audio + Text

In an audio + text question, respondents are allowed to answer freely with text. Similar to the selection + audio option, respondents are prompted to explain their response with voice.



A display-only type doesn't prompt the user for a response, and only shows a title, subtitle, and optional stimuli. This can be used to demarcate different survey sections or to show a stimuli with follow-up questions.


A video question prompts respondents to answer using their webcam and microphone. Transcription can be enabled for video responses as well.


Screen Recording

The screen recording survey component allows respondents to respond using a screen recording. The microphone is also running during the recording, and transcription can be enabled. This question type is useful if you need participants to leave the survey app to perform some evaluation and need a visual confirmation or insight into how that action was performed. For example, you might include this as an optional field in a product feedback form so that users can record their screens as they test an application.


File Upload

The file upload survey component allows respondents to upload files of their choice. It appears as shown below.