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How Do I Randomize Questions?

Randomizing questions and selection options is an effective way to combat survey order effects, i.e. responses changing based on the order the questions are presented in. Phonic allows you to randomize an entire survey, groups of questions, or selection options within a question.

Randomizing Selection Options

Options can be reordered randomly in any selection type. This prevents any ordering bias in the set of options presented to participants. To do this, simply click the ‘randomize’ button above the set of options. Specific options may be rooted in place using the the anchor button on the right.


Group Randomization

Group randomization can be used to reorder questions within certain groups. For example, consider the following five question survey.

Q1 -> Q2 -> Q3 -> Q4 -> Q5

If Q1 and Q2 and in one random group, and Q4 and Q5 in another, then the survey might be presented to the user like this:

Q2 -> Q1 -> Q3 -> Q5 -> Q4

The questions within a random group get shuffled, but questions in different random groups will never be shuffled with each other.

It is common to use random groups to break up different survey sections. For example, if you ask your respondents about two topics: sailboat terminology, and personal finance. You might choose to create one random group for the sailboat questions and another for the finance questions to keep each topic separate.