How Do I Add Media and Stimuli to a Question?

Stimuli such as videos, audio recordings, and pictures can be added to any question type in the survey builder.

Stimuli refers to any image, audio, or video clip that is shown with a question response. All major image, audio, and video types are supported. Stimuli may be uploaded directly to Phonic, linked from Youtube or Google Drive, recorded directly in Phonic, or added as HTML. A Timer can also be added to ensure the entirety of a video or audio clip is viewed.

How To Add Stimuli

Stimuli can be added to any question type in the survey builder. This feature allows you to attach an image, audio clip, video or link to a question. Mouse over the question and click on the picture icon in the bottom right corner. An "Add Media" pop-up will appear.

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 4.12.39 PMUsing the drop down, select the media format that you would like to add to your question.

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 10.12.36 AM

Adding Stimuli as HTML

Adding stimuli as HTML gives you more flexibility in how you want your question to appear. For example, when using custom HTML you can add multiple stimuli types. To add stimuli using HTML, click "Custom HTML Code" and add your HTML into the editor, then click "Upload to Phonic". Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 10.48.27 AM

Your question will now appear as your HTML is written.

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 10.55.57 AM