How to Enable Transcription

Computer transcription can be enabled for all audio based question types using the “Enable Computer Transcription” check box in survey creation. With this option enabled, all audio responses will be automatically transcribed and available within a few minutes of the response being recorded. Different languages and dialects can be selected using the dropdown menu on the right of the transcription checkbox. See a full list of supported languages.


How to View Transcriptions

Transcripts are available in both the Questions tab and Respondents tab for a survey, and are displayed alongside the audio recording. Transcripts are one of the fields included during data export.


How to Edit Transcriptions

Phonic includes state-of-the-art computer transcription, however background noise, microphone quality and other factors occasionally compromise transcription accuracy. Fortunately, it’s easy to edit transcriptions directly within the Phonic dashboard. From within a survey, click on a specific question followed by the response you would like to correct. This response page contains all data for the particular response, including the transcription. Select the pencil icon to enable editing, make your desired changes and click the checkmark to save.