What Format Are My Recordings?

Phonic supports WAV and MP3 audio formats and an MP4 video format.

Audio Recordings

Phonic supports 2 audio formats: MP3 and WAV. MP3 is a lossy, compressed format, meaning that the audio files are smaller but can have lower resolution. WAV files are uncompressed, and retain full fidelity from the initial recording.


MP3 is encoded at 128kbps. It is sampled at 44.1kHz on almost all devices, with a few exceptions (48kHz or ~40kHz on certain mobile phones).


WAV is recorded with two full-fidelity 16-bit channels and is sampled at 44.1kHz.

Video Recordings

Initially, videos are recorded in the default device-specific format. For example, on iPhone this is the .mov format and on a desktop browser this is typically .webm. After recording, all videos are transcoded into MP4, which is the format you will find in the Phonic dashboard.

For instructions on how to change your audio recording format, click here.