How Do I Create a Showreel?

Showreels are a dynamic way to present your audio data. You can take any audio responses from your survey, and add them into a Showreel! Showreels are an easy way to share audio responses in a clean and professional way.

To get started, click the in the side menu. Next, click “New Showreels”. All of your Showreels will be saved to this page, making previously created Showreels easily accessible. Showreels that appear here are not the final product (see How Do I Export my Showreel? below), so you can always add new audio responses to an existing Showreel. 

Note that the title you choose here will appear as the title on your shareable Showreel.

Once your Showreel is created, you will be brought to the Showreels editing page. There are 3 important sections on this page, outlined below.

  1. File Explorer. Use this area to sift through audio data to add to your Showreel.
  2. Preview. Use this area to hear what your Showreel will sound like. 
  3. Timeline. Use this space to add your audio files in the order that you want them to appear in your Showreel.

How do I add Audio Responses to my Showreel?

Audio responses can be easily added using the the File Explorer to click through your surveys. Once you’ve selected a survey that you would like to use, the editor will display all of the questions on this survey. However, only the audio questions will be accessible (since these are the only types of questions that you can add to a Showreel).

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 8.05.24 AMWhen you click on your question of interest, the File Explorer will expand to show all of the audio responses associated with that question.

Drag and drop any audio response from the File Explorer into the Timeline. The Timeline will allow you to rearrange audio responses as you would like them to appear in the Showreel. Additionally, the Previewer will update as you add more audio responses, so you can continuously play, pause, and skip through your Showreel as you’re editing.

How do I Trim Audio in Showreels?

Trimming an audio response is great for editing out dead space (e.g., noise) or adding only a portion of a participants' response to a Showreel. To do this, click on the response you would like to trim in the Timeline. Using the Previewer, find where you would like to start trimming and pause the Showreel. Next, mouse over the response in the Timeline and click the scissors in the top left corner.

In the preview, a slider will appear. This slider indicates the start and end points of the portion of the audio that you want to include in your Showreel (see below). Drag the slider accordingly. Now if you click on the first response in your Timeline and click Play on the Previewer, you will only hear the trimmed portion of the response that you just trimmed.

How do I add Subtitles to my Showreel?

To add subtitles to your Showreel, click thebutton on the Previewer. Here, you can add subtitles by checking off “Include Subtitles”. You can also choose whether or not to include the Phonic watermark on your Showreel.

How do I Export my Showreel?

To export your Showreel, click the button on the Previewer. When the export is active the Previewer will show "Exporting". When the export is complete, the Previewer will display a share button () which you can click to access a shareable link to your Showreel. You can share this link with anyone, and even use the link to embed a Showreel anywhere (e.g., a PowerPoint presentation, website, etc.).

How do I Download my Showreel?

You can download your Showreel after the export is complete, through the shareable link that Phonic provides. Once viewing your exported Showreel, click the ellipses in the bottom right to download. Showreels will download as .mp4 files.