Survey Logic

Survey Conditions

Survey conditions allow you to build more flexible surveys within Phonic. Any question in a Phonic survey obeys the logic defined by its creator. Questions can be conditionally displayed, skipped, or surveys can pre-emptively terminate depending on the input of a user. Conditions are defined within the survey builder as shown below.

The IF statement

Just as it sounds, the IF statement controls whether the THEN clause will run. If the user would like to assign a survey condition based on a response containing or matching a string of letters, that can be done here.

The THEN statement

The THEN statement is where you can assign conditions. Here, users can specify condition names and values they'd like to assign.


Skip Logic

Skip logic can be used to modify the sequence of questions based on responses to selection questions. This can be used to filter respondents at the beginning of a survey, or define certain follow-up questions for people who make a certain selection.

Skip logic can be enabled for selection questions by clicking the "Skip Logic" button in survey creation and defining the behaviour for a particular selection in the dropdown menu. Skip logic can be used to advance to:

  • The Next Question (default)
  • Any Subsequent Question
  • The End of the Survey